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Law of Duality and Abundance

law of duality

One of the things that we have to take in consideration when learning about abundance, is just what kind of information you are getting. Overall, most of the information online that speaks about attracting abundance is geared primarily towards inspiration. 

 It is true that inspiration is a big key towards attaining abundance, but after you have been inspired and motivated… What is the next step?

 Oftentimes, most of this information does not give you a clear cut plan to take steps towards achieving your goals, ascension, and personal transformation. The reason is that most people flock towards being inspired with social media posts, memes and inspirational videos. 

And ironically, that is what inspired me to write this article titled: Law of Duality and Abundance. 

 The way that Law of Duality differs is that it gives you a step by step plan that is really simple to understand. Right away, you will start to see tips, insights, and techniques towards attaining abundance, letting go of pain and anxiety, and reaching new heights.  

Yet it is not all about tips and techniques.  

One thing that I discovered about the law of duality and abundance is that having the right foundation is paramount towards ascension. And ofcourse, most of us have heard that before, yet what differs here is just by the way things are presented with clarity, focus, and practicality, while maintaining a holistic universal energy view and process. 

 It might all sound simple, and indeed it has become simple to use this energy process, and that is because much time and effort has gone into simplifying every step of the way so that it can easily be understood and attained. 

At the end of the day it all comes down to our personal energy. Whether you are moving with your energy of duality, or you are more into the law of attraction and the secret. 

 When you have the right energy - anything is possible. But the most essential thing is…

The energy foundation must have every essential building block just in the right place. Miss one of these steps and your whole journey can be misguided, and off your true path that you are destined to.  

You are destined to ascension, transformation, and a life of healing, serenity, and joy. 

 The key is how long does it take you to get there.  

Having just the right details while you are on your path, on the ground level, while also having what is called a “zoomed-out” view” at the same time will be the energy duality that will ultimately help you ascend sooner than later.  

Law of duality is truly an amazing process, but it’s not simply because the ideas and techniques are so great, indeed they might be, but overall… It is not just the foundation but the architect that will ultimately conceive of his dreams through hard work, perseverance, and with attaining the right energy to get him or her there. 

Unfortunately waiting and meditating for the secret, or a gift, to fall into your lap does not work. Breaking through our personal stagnation, breaking through our energy blocks… that works. 

And you’d be surprised that we actually do not have to do more, but to the contrary, we have to let go of the many energy blocks we’ve collected through the years. Once you get rid of those anchors that are holding you down… Ascension is possible. Abundance is possible… and Abundance is yours.