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How to attract your ideal lover, twin flame, soulmate


One of the questions I am often asked is…. How do I get closer to this person that I can’t just stop thinking about?

And the answer is that there is no different answer, it all depends on many different things regarding where you are in your journey, where they are in their journey… And sometimes it feels just like luck!

There is an element of luck involved in getting closer to your ideal mate (whether you know this person is your twin flame or not), but also certain energy needs to be brought forward within yourself.

We have all heard the old advice: Just be yourself and also… if it is meant to happen it will happen.

While this advice is somewhat true, they are more like platitudes, meaning that just because they have some form of truth to them it doesn’t mean that there is anything specific that will really help you in what you are yearning and desiring the most…

Having a meaningful connection with this one person.

So how do you develop a meaningful connection with this one person you’d love to be with and make part of your life?

And let me just say that this all sounds sentimental but we have all been there. There is no shame for you to feel this way and feel such an immense attraction towards someone else.

It is natural to feel completely taken and attracted by someone else. There is nothing wrong with that… And there is nothing wrong with you.

Having said that, I would also like to share another essential point…

Whatever happens with your interactions with this ideal person, there are going to be times when you feel extremely frustrated - as if nothing is working out.

Simply hang on. Don’t give up, or worst… Don’t burn any bridges.

What I mean is - when they suddenly act out of left field (they do something completely odd or irrational) don’t lash out at them (tell them to go to *&##).

Often times this is what happens and the damage done can take a long time to fix.

Understand that we all want things to happen now, today, and we want them to happen naturally.

The truth is at times good things take time to evolve. It might not happen today but if you approach things the right way… Good things will happen before you know it.

People that are not vibing towards you, or as they say, “rocking with you” will sooner or later come around. If one thing that I learned throughout the years is that… people that run away (a twin flame runner perhaps), or people that don’t seem to have time for you, sooner or later will come back into your life… if no bridges are burnt.

People will poo in and out of your journey, so allow those spaces to exist. And instead of worrying about what will happen next - take the time to work on yourself, your skills, and your journey.

I hate to say it but sometimes it does come down to skill.

If you have the right skills in communicating and being sociable, more people will gravitate towards you. And you might not want to be social towards any of those people, yet when your ideal twin flame or ideal lover sees this… they will sense that you attain that energy that others are attracted to, and your twin flame will naturally be attracted to you.

We tend to be attracted by the perception of what others are attracted to.

And yes, it sucks that people cannot see you for who you truly are (just being ourselves) but this doesn’t mean that they can’t… It just means that you have to bring those good qualities, and that good energy out.

It might seem like work at first, it might seem lame, or even unnatural, but once you begin working on your energy and the way you interact with your world… things will begin to fall into place.

And here is my secret (if there is one): It all comes down to energy.

The energy you put out into the universe is the same energy that sooner or later will return to you and even reward you for all that you have done and all the good energy you have put out.

Again, don’t burn any bridges, not with people, or even with energy… or Karma if you want to call it that.

Find time to nurture yourself through being a higher frequency person, through meditating, learning, growing, and taking the right action.

We don’t have to become “experts” at attracting others into our lives, but we do have to work through our energy blocks and our false beliefs. We all have them, and it’s natural to have them.

You also have the power and will to raise your frequency and ascend towards you want to go… and be with the person you deserve to be with.

You will get there.

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