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Introduction: Breaking through Energy Blocks

law of duality

Law of Duality delivers a process that helps you ascend and eventually transform to new heights. In order to do this, we must first break through any energy blocks that are holding us back. 

Energy blocks is a term applied to anything within you that is holding you back. Often times energy blocks are built over time and in a way that they might be hard to detect... we become used to them. 

We all get energy blocks and we all should have a way to deal with them in a way that cuts down on our time and effort to do so. 

The 3S technique is something you can apply to your energy of duality (your ego and your higher self). We will go more into depth in both areas that makes up our duality in another article. We will also go in-depth into the 3S technique. 

Here I would just like to bring some awareness to breaking through energy blocks and how this can be done so with less time and effort.

We breakthrough energy blocks on two fronts. One by going into depth on the whole spectrum of duality, and two, by having an easy to remember the process that includes awareness on our duality and running that energy through the 3S technique.

Longway of breaking through energy blocks:  Studying The Law of Duality.

Short way of breaking through energy blocks:  Having the 3S technique readily available to implement it when you. most need it. 

One thing about energy blocks is that it might be an ongoing process that you have to breakthrough. Patience is often needed and letting is also essential. Letting go of any worries, anxieties or concerns regarding your energy block.  The time to worry about such concerns is before you do this process. Once you begin to implement a process such as the S3 technique, it's now time to let go of all worries and concerns.

We will continue to provide resources (articles, videos, audios) to go in-depth in key areas that you might be interested in. Most of us have many questions when wanting to use such a technique or an overall process. Often times it's also good to just try it out, experiment, and see what works best for you. 

Overall I suggest that you use what works best for you, and if there are parts that don't work, then simply put them aside for now and continue to develop and build on those parts that bring you the best results on breaking through energy blocks and any other related negative energy. 

Another thing that is worth repeating is that we should record all of our progress. Keep your journal handy and take notes on what you have tired and the results you have gotten. Take notes anything that you deem important, or even thoughts. A simple journal that tracks your progress can be invaluable now and int he future. 

Another place that I encourage you to go for help, you have any questions or comments, is on our facebook group. Join the community and continue to make progress. 

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