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My Lucid Dreaming Secret

lucid dreaming inception

Perhaps some of you have already caught wind as to what my main lucid dreaming secret really is. It's not a secret because I try to hide yet, it's more of secret because it's something I don't really share with others unless they inquire about it.

My main interest, and passion, within lucid dreaming came about due to one particular area within lucid dreaming. I call it dream energy, yet it’s more than that. It’s a thread that does not just exist within my nightly dreams. Allow me to explain…

There is a lot of backstory as to how this came about, much more than just for one article.

My lucid dreaming secret is that quite often one of my lucid dreams lead to being a premonition. 

Premonitions, meaning that whatever I explore in a lucid dream, specially when I am armed with questions - tend to have a much significant meaning in my daily life, and "reality."

This to a point that has been proven to me as being more than just mere “coincidences.”

Lucid dreams do have the power to give you answers that you could not have found in real life… or even answers that perhaps you did not know you had, or were even looking for. It can show you things that will happen in your life that you were completely unaware of. This is the meaning of a dream premonition.

Dream premonitions can exists outside of the lucid dream spectrum, yet lucid dreams seem to add whole new layers to premonitions and clairvoyancy. It does help to have experience with lucid dreams, and premonitions, - but at first, even when such premonitions came to me, I did not any experience in lucid dreaming. I was simply being taken into this world of visions and awareness.

It is because of these dream visions, premonitions, that I became interested in lucid dreaming.

And now for me, both go hand in hand, because after many experiences, now I have trained myself to know what questions to ask, what too look for, what awareness to show, and how to get as much as I can out of my lucid dreams.

Having lucid dreams, and visions of things to come, might not be for everyone.

People have different goals and aspirations when it comes to lucid dreaming. This is simply what has become my main aspiration, along with developing my dream energy to live a more healthier life, and help others out. It is possible. I was one of the biggest skeptics out there, and I’ve proven myself wrong time and time again with my skepticism, and that dream energy, visions, and lucid dreaming have a magnetic, mysterious power that can take us beyond what our daily awakened life can offer to our own mind and spirit.

There is a lot I can write here, but I just wanted to mention one of my main perspectives, and processes, when it comes to the world of lucidity within dreams.

It’s different for everyone, no doubt, but if such amazing encounters in dreams that transform into future life is possible, then I encourage you to try out and go for what you want to accomplish within your own lucid dreams, or ever out of body experiences, clairvoyancy (dreaming and non dreaming), or anything else you might wonder it’s possible. You might just surprise yourself in finding out the answer.

I stumbled upon this lucid world that many are not aware of, and an important point I’ve gathered, is that in dreams, and in life, there are many signals out there - yet it is up to us to decide on what signals we want to give energy and awareness towards.

Give awareness to the right events in your life, and to the right events in your dreams. Little by little the more awareness you give, the more lucid the experience it becomes. If you do it from a places of humbleness, kindness, and great curiosity — this universal energy will give you greater awareness, as you have given greater awareness upon it.

I will expand on this, and with more specific examples in upcoming blog entries. 'til then... may your best dreams be lucid ones.