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My personal Duality process...

law of duality

I've been wrestling my thoughts on where to start when it comes to the concept of energy of duality and attraction.

What would be the best way to have an introduction to the law of duality?

I decided that instead of trying to “tell” others about it, perhaps it would be better to start by showing it.

Let’s start with one of my biggest issues and blocks:

It’s not easy for me to keep track and have the right energy, be in the right mindset, and take the right actions when I need to do so. For instance, I need to have my day aligned with my fitness goals. And let’s say that I don’t feel like it, let’s say I just want to eat and sleep all day (which is not far from the truth on some days).

How do I go into changing my energy so this doesn’t happen?

I simply use what I call the 3S technique. The 3s stands for: Spark, Solar Plexus awareness, and Sync.

This is how I execute it:

Step 1: Spark: I simply ask myself my go-to question: How may I lead with my higher self?

Your go-to question can be this one or a similar one, it just needs to be one that you are able to remember instantly at any time.

Step 2. Solar Plexus Awareness: I gain enough awareness within my energy, from mind, body, and spirit — from my head to my solar plexus and I bring it all to my solar plexus where I merge that energy together.

Sometimes if I need the extra strength I meditate to this… picturing my energy of duality (my ego and my higher self-awakening within me and all moving towards my solar plexus).

Step 3: Sync. You will realize that once you begin shifting your energy to one area, such as the solar plexus, it then naturally wants to ascend. We sync our energy so it becomes one through the awareness of duality (this means we become aware and corral the energy of ego and higher self).

Now that it becomes one… we release it out into the universe.

What happens next:

- We obtain higher frequency.
- We become a high vibration individual.
- We get in the zone.
- We let go of any energy blocks.
- We feel refreshed.
- We connect with our higher universal self.
- We attract abundance.
- We vibrate that good energy with others.

Having studied many successful people in the areas of health, wealth, relationships and spirituality I can tell you that not only did I study them but I also tried out many different systems and techniques that they used, and I broke everything down to simplify a process that works.

Energy is universal. Whether you use this simple process or another one… you will find that the similarities in the process and results are not far from one another. This is because energy is universal and ultimately it’s something that exists beyond time and space, and through different dimensions. I won’t get too deep on this here, but that’s is the reason on why the same pathway can be taken from this simple process.

I know there might be a lot of unanswered questions regarding the ego and the higher self. I didn’t want to put too much on this article in order to not confuse or have an information overload. I’ll be sharing more on this soon.

If you just start with this and implement it into your daily routine, then you will begin to see results. And just like anything, it will take more thinking and extra effort at first, but the more you do it, the stronger you will get.

You can get so good that you don’t even have to think about these steps, and you are just subconsciously firing these steps off one after another, and being able to gain ascension and transformation on a whole higher level.

The bottom line is that we will make mistakes daily, sometimes out of nowhere, but if you have a simple technique to correct those mistakes then you can turn that negative energy around and actually have it benefit you.


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