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Secrets of Astral Projection

lucid dreaming inception

Ever feel that you are just stuck somewhere?

Whether it is your job, within your home, your town, or just mentally stuck?

What if I told you that you could escape that place... wherever you are. And it's a lot easier than you think. No need for a million dollars, or even a Navy Seal team to come rescue you. You can simply...

Flip the switch in your mind that allows you to open new doors to the universe. The ultimate escape from which you can soar into in an instant. Being able to just fly away spiritually and enlighten yourself to new levels which you never knew existed.

What is the secret?

The answer is two words: Astral Projection.

Astral projection has been around since the beginning of time BUT never in the history of the world has it had such as astounding effect. Why?  Because with new modern technology that continues to advance, it has shown that is not only possible on a regular basis, but it has also evolved into something that is more powerful and with deeper meaning than we could ever imagined before. Now we can travel to places and visit people that we never even imagined.

And I’ll be 100 percent honest with right now. And this might ruffle a few feathers but I’m about to tell you exactly how I feel about astral projection:

You can now have amazing Astral Projection experiences and fly, and do amazing things ALL without having to be one of these one of these “New Agers” that spends years meditating atop a mountain in an unknown region of thew world.

Just like a pebble dropping into a lake, it crates small ripples. To this day, I consider this world of dream energy, lucid dreaming, and Astral Projection, as being an amazing experience - no matter how many new experiences I encounter each week or even day after day sometimes. Each and every single one of those dream premonitions, sometimes brought by astral projection is eye opening and I never take one for granted.

Many people are so focused on “lucid dreaming” because it’s what is talked about the most. But the truth is that lucid dreaming is just part of a bigger spectrum of dreams that includes dream energy. Another part of dream energy is astral projection. Why? Because it comes full circle within dream energy.

So many people are looking to become “lucid” in their own dreams that they miss part of the bigger picture: the dream energy you gain can have tremendous impact of your life, and can even show you the future and in which path, which decisions you should make. Whether you should develop certain relationships, or avoid certain people. Whether you should invest your time, money, or energy in certain things or avoid them. This is what dream energy truly delivers for me. Yet I know that it is a process that needs to be developed, engendered, and appreciated.

Once you know what path to take in life, and what roads to avoid, the journey becomes so much more captivating and successful. It’s like you focus on certain things you want to get in your own personal life, and you go for them and you get them. My secret weapon is dream energy - which includes lucid dreaming and astral projection. This key sources are able to unleash my creativity and yes, quite often even show me premonitions of things to come.