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Learning the Soul’s Ancient Language with Astrology


 Are you of those people constantly checking their zodiac reports yearly, monthly or even on a day to day basis? You probably got hooked in it too especially once you realize that what it’s telling is actually resonating in your present situations. Chinese Zodiacs maybe the more prevalent trend but it is just one facet of astrology.  

Astrology gives us more than just horoscopes, but it’s actually a tool to help us decode the blueprints of our souls. 

Through looking at a person’s individual charts, astrologers can pretty much describe what type of a person you are, what problems you will encounter in life, which area will you best thrive in for your career or what type of a person you are best suited with to marry. All these and so much more!

How do they do it? Well it’s not some kind of sorcery or something (which probably scares some people away). Like how can a total stranger know so much about me? Sounds like creepy to me.

Some people may be skeptical about it, thinking that it doesn’t make sense to provide forecasts on what is to happen on one’s life or to make judgements on one’s character. But just think of the weather forecasts we also get every day. They are provided to us by people who doesn’t use psychic abilities but actually study the earth’s atmosphere through meteorology. They study it that’s why they can decode it. 

It’s the same thing with astrology. Even you can decode so much about yourself and reveal your life’s purpose when you learn to speak the native tongue of your soul! 

The old saying “as above, so below” couldn’t be more true. It is through looking at what’s happening above us – the cosmos , that we can tell what is to come to us in the earthly realm. Because again, as above, so below.

It has always been that way. Our ancestors actually relied to it heavily during their time. All over the world, you can see traces of astrology being used in planning or organizing societies.

The Sun is the center of our universe, and all planets revolve around it. That is a fact.

That’s why the most successful civilizations of The Egyptians, the Mayans, the ancient Chinese, all based their calendars on this lightning ball of energy which is the Sun. It is the main theme of the cosmos after all, to revolve around the Sun. Again, as above it must so be below.

Applying the Ancient Knowledge to Know One’s Self

Looking at an individual level, we have the so called “Big Three” major signs to consider in our charts. 

These are: 

  1. The Sun sign – which represents Your Soul 

This is the same as what you know as your “zodiac” sign. It describes you on a soul      level – your core, your essence, identity, and form of expression. Your “truest” self.

  1. The Moon sign – which represents your innermost emotions

The sign where your moon is placed describes your reactions and emotional habits. It is how me make ourselves comfortable and how we crave to be treated as well. 

  1. The Rising sign – which is how you are perceived by the world

This sign describes how we show ourselves to the world. Somehow the first impression that people will get from you. It is the “you” in public.

There are still a lot of things to consider in your chart to give you much sense and view in your whole life and being. There are still the Houses of the Zodiacs, your other planets’ placements, aspects, transits and more. Let’s not even talk about this now because yes, too much info…

Anyway, from there on the world is literally yours to decode!

Many wealthy and famous persona in the past, even astrologists themselves have used it to their advantage. Gaining them the success and wealth that they’ve had during their days.  Astrologist were also often called upon by those in power to help in decisions pertaining to agriculture, laws of society, and even when it came to war.

So why can’t you?

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Decoding your own birth chart is Easy

Unlike the old age, where there is no internet and people painstakingly made manual charting and studies, individually. Now we have the advantage of countless online resources just like this.

There is even a lot of online sites now that offers free personalized chart reports that gives you insights about yourself from a cosmic perspective.

A time in our lives always comes when we start to question things like why am I here? What is my true purpose of living in this space and time? Even who am I really? 

Start looking up those “Big Three” signs first and discover how it actually resonates with you.

Learn to speak the language of the stars as they are always willingly open to speak to you. 

Happy decoding!

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