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This is your energy of ascension color

law of duality

Some people believe in horoscopes, numerology, and stones… and so do I.  But one thing that I always find powerful is visualizing certain colors. 

Do you know what your meditational color is?  

Do you meditate to a bright white light? Bluish ocean light? Or do you have your own hidden color that perhaps changes in shades? 

I like to think that there is a color of ascension. 

What does this mean? 

This means that when you are facing an energy block, stress, or anxiety, you have a color of ascension that you can meditate towards. 

That color for me is a light green, and yes, it changes in depth and shades. 

This is more than just a symbol. By having a color to meditate and focus on, I am able to break through that energy block that I am facing. 

Here is an example…

Recently I have been dealing with a badly ringing ear. I simply close my eyes and focus on this being an energy block to which I encircled in green bright light. I continue to meditate on this energy block then shrinking and being faded out by a deeper bright green healing light that permeates through its surroundings. I visualize this being out in the universe and further and further away from me, while I continue to send light vibrations from both my ego and my higher self. 

And what kind of results do I get? 

Let me just say that I have tried many things to get rid of this badly ringing ear… And this is the only thing that alleviates this pain, this energy block. It simply works. Not sure why or how but it works.  

This is the power of having such energy, and as I like to call it… Energy of ascension. 

Your energy of ascension color can very well be a headlight green turning into a white light… Or you can design your own color that heals and brings good energy to you. 

There is no right or wrong color… what you visualize you can very well manifest. 

Have you tried meditating to a certain color that heals before? 

I would encourage you to give this a try and see what kind of results you get. I would add that it does take practice and perhaps it might take a while to see the right results, but don’t despair. 

Our energy has such a tremendous power to change not just the way we feel, but outcomes within our journey as well. 

Find ways to connect with your inner energy, especially when it comes to healing and allowing you to ascend.