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What steps can I take to lucid dream?

lucid dreaming inception

This article is just an overall introduction to how to connect your lucid dreams with the universe to get answers to any quetions you might seek.

Lucid Dreaming is about building an effortless process that you can implement every night, but it all starts within the hours before you go to sleep.

What steps can you take in order to Lucid Dream?

The most important thing to remember is that lucid dreaming should be a continuance of your daily life. Think of it as a thread that starts way before your head hits the pillow.

Why is this?

This is because our daily awakening moments in spent collecting information, gathering data, and it’s all being stored in your subconscious. Now, before I go any further I am going to say something that some people might not agree with…

Not ALL of your dreams come for your subconscious. Sometimes we connect with an universal energy that allows us to remotely view into another sphere; call it another world, or another universe if you like.

But if we are connecting into another world… then why is our subconscious essential?

Our subconscious is essential because that’s the path way by which we are able to reach and connect with that other world. This allows us to gain insights into our life, our future, and any questions we might have via our subconscious with lucid dreaming.

Some people refer to it as our 3rd eye, or our 6th sense — this is like a gate that transfers information from the universe and connects with our inner energy. The information we gather from the universe coms in forms of vibrational energy in it’s raw form. It is our 3rd eyes intuition that is able to decipher, transcode what that energy means, and usually through the form of a vision or pictures.

Where our nightly dreams comes in is where it acts as an even more powerful medium, and sets the stage for that universal information to connect with our inner energy. And it works both ways. We can ask a question, and receive an answer if… we are able to meet that universal energy within the same vibrational wave length and connect with it. When that connection is done (via our third eye) then we can explore and discover answers to any questions we might have. Lucid dreaming further provides that powerful connection and stage to make this so much more powerful.

And please keep in mind that not all of your lucid dreams will tap with the universe, some lucid dreams might just be reflections of your subconscious. Yet, when you have the ability to truly travel and connect with other energies that clearly manifest themselves as being from another part other than your subconscious, then that’s when you truly realize the power of this process we call lucid dreaming.

Take “premonitions” for example. Not all of them will come true. This is just the way the universe works - for whatever reason, we don’t know. Perhaps our vibrational frequencies do not make a clear connection?

But if you ever had a premonition that became true… then you know that they do exist, and it is possible for such energy to manifest itself in your world. And of course, we also have premonitions that won’t materialize in our world, yet this shouldn’t lessen the ones that do actually become true.

Our challenge and goals should always be to get better at what we do, gain more accuracy. With lucid dreaming, even advance lucid dreamers know that we must always strive to gain more lucidity, and with more accuracy, to gain answers from the questions we seek - within our lucid dreams. It’s all a process that we need to merge, but a process that is worth while exploring and developing, because personally there is so much to gain.

So I hope that you are able to develop your process in interacting with your lucid dream world.

I will soon share with you my personal lucid dreaming process as I go in deeper into lucid dreaming in the coming months. I will give you what works, what doesn’t work, and all of my experiences.

I hope that this year will be a fruitful year of growth for you, one in which you attain more clarity and lucidity.