Christian Cee

Writer, Coach, Entrepreneur

Excerpt from Lucid Dreaming Inception


Energy of Duality

Through my life, and my experiences through telepathy, energy work, and wellness, I have developed a key source of what truly works. 

When you stop chasing things, and instead use a process of inner energy to attain them... this is what is truly called ascension. 

Discover a process to genuinely connect your energy with the universe, and in turn allowing that energy to manifest a connection with others, and someone special in you life. 

Energy of Duality is that process. It deals with the core dual sides of your spirit: your ego, and your higher self. 

When you discover how to make the dual energetic sides of your spirit work in synchronization, and you begin to lead forward - this is when ascension truly happens. Ascension within yourself, with someone that is connected to you, and with the universe. 

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