Lucid Dreaming Inception

Nostradamus was an astrologer in the 1500s who was able to accurately predict the future with amazing results.

He predicted many unforeseen historical events such as wars, assassinations, and catastrophic events that shaped history.

He left behind writings with predictions that to this day continue to become a reality.

But the question now begs…

How was it possible for Nostradamus to predict the future?

Was his supernatural power a natural gift?

Or was it a skill that he was able to develop?

Throughout the years there have been many people that have been able to accurately predict the future and even change the future, simply with the power of their inner energy.

Some people channel these powers through meditation, others channel it by going into trance, while others can see and even interact with the future through dream energy.

You’d be surprised that many of us already hold a similar power through an energy field that can be very well accessed through our nightly dreams…

Especially through our lucid dreaming and through our dream energy.

And that is why I would like to welcome you to this dream energy tutorial.

My name is Christian Cee and I’ve been a lucid dreaming coach and an energy coach for over 10 years.

In this tutorial, I will reveal to you a secret way to connect with your dream energy to:

Lucid dream so that you may explore futuristic events and even unknown worlds, and get answers and insights.

Have dream premonitions and make discoveries about what awaits you.

Use dream energy to unleash your creativity in any way possible… with your art, your work and business, relationships, and any area imaginable.

And connect with your dream energy to find peace of mind, relaxation, and let go of worry and anxiety.

And overall… get the ability to have a more enjoyable night’s sleep!

This presentation is about activating your dream energy… The energy that already exists within you.

Using that energy in foreseeing any upcoming problems or energy blocks, and finding ways to best avoid them or overcome them.

It all begins with a simple question…

What if we could use lucid dreaming and dream energy to evoke the same energy that others, such as Nostradamus, once channeled?

What if we can look into the future so that we can avoid catastrophes and simply see forewarnings before events happen?

Or perhaps simply work out complex problems and challenges that we are currently facing?

And what if we could channel good energy so that we can focus and ascend towards harmony, love, health, and a greater state of wealth?

It is not all about money or materialistic things, but it is about an energy dynamic of amplifying that good dream energy and allowing it to flow from our dream world and into our daily life.

Imagine yourself cruising down the highway in a brand new sports car with someone special… and then arriving at a beautiful home that you once imagined, and within that ambiance, you feel a greater sense of harmony and serenity.

Here is a powerful insight...

Magical moments that will come to fruition in life… Will first materialize within your nightly dreams.

And this is because magical moments will first happen on an energy level.

This means that anything that we wish for first begins as a spark within a dream… And soon comes into fruition in our daily awakened hours.

Part of this is something that we have already experienced before…

We’ve all had captivating dreams before, and within the magic of those dreams, we were able to release certain energy that transcended our journey in a new direction and transformed our lives.

If we go back and think about all these magical moments we had growing up and how they were connected to certain dreams.

If we recall, we will see that dream energy is possible, even though we quite often have forgotten and erased such connection between dreams and those dreams materializing into life.

Have you ever had a dream that you have not forgotten about?

When I was a child I used to have these amazing dreams that were so vibrant that I still remember them to this day.

Such dreams are so powerful that they still motivate me, they ascend my energy to a new place where I feel that anything is possible once I connect and amplify the right energy.

I soon began to wonder… What if I could replicate that magic again?

What if I could “will” that energy once more and create something spectacular, something amazing in my life?

In a moment, I will share with you how some people like Nostradamus were able to crack the code and go far beyond this powerful secret matrix of dream energy.

A matrix that is so powerful that it can ascend you to new worlds…

And the ideal lifestyle that you desire.

This dream energy matrix is something that one day, out of nowhere, I simply stumbled upon by accident.

I began having these powerful lucid dreams. And I didn’t know what they meant or why I was having them.

It would have been easy for me to simply ignore them and write them off as being strange dreams, or even nightmares, but instead… I decided to listen.

I decided to listen to those dreams because something felt different about them. They seemed to have a certain unique energy about them.

What were these dreams about?

There have been quite a few of them over the years but allow me to share with you the beginning of my dream energy journey that occurred many years ago…

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