One night I was just so tired and I was having trouble sleeping, and once I finally fell asleep I began having all of these strange nightmares that would not let me rest. Just random nightmares that did not make any sense… seeing people, dark places, and just random images.

But after hours of this, I was finally able to go into a deep sleep where these images finally faded…. And they faded into a peaceful dream.

I began having a dream about this college-age girl that happily walked along a dome shape building while holding on to her school books.

There was this serene sense about her and the overall dream.

As she walked by me she smiled peacefully, and that energy that I felt, I interpreted it as if she was journeying into a new place, a new world.

My interpretation from this short dream was that she was finally at peace with herself, and I was simply seeing a reflection of that transformation.

She calmly walked by in a happy serene manner.

This was such a vivid dream that I remember the twilight ambiance… it felt like it was evening, and in the background, I can see this beautifully rounded dome Roman-shaped building.

This dream came to me after a night of having many strange and unexplained nightmares.

I just remember having trouble sleeping and just feeling strange.

And finally when this dream appeared… I just felt this sense of peace.

I connected with that mysterious energy that I felt was not part of my energy.

This new energy I had now encountered was something that was connecting with me on a much deeper level.

And I felt such a sense of serenity… just the light, the ambiance, and this person that even though quietly walked by me, radiated such a warm peaceful sense of energy.

Now, the next day when I awakened I went to visit my relatives in another state. I drove there, and when I got to the hotel, I saw on the news that there was this college-age girl that had been kidnapped and taken away from where she was sleeping in the middle of the night.

The television was playing in the background and I was barely paying attention but then from the corner of my eye, I saw that her picture on the screen.

The missing girl on the news looked exactly like the girl I had dreamt about the night before.

Not only that, but the school she had disappeared from was the same dome-shaped building I saw in my dream that previous night.

Somehow I just knew there was a connection.

A connection between my nightly dreams about this stranger, and now on the TV news showing this college girl who had been kidnapped while she slept.

But how was this possible? Was it all just a strange coincidence?

This dream occurrence was one in a series of dreams I had night after night that hit me like a storm… all of these dreams relating to this one person, this girl that had violently vanished.

The dreams I had in the following nights weren’t just regular dreams, these were lucid dreams, meaning that I was able to gain awareness within those dreams and realize that I was dreaming at that point in time.

I began to explore my dream world and ask questions… I wanted answers as to what had happened to this girl.

And boy, this I get answers.

I began to see what had happened that terrible night she was abducted.

Within my lucid dreams, I began to ask questions, such as:

Who was responsible for her abduction?

And why did this happen?

I began to see fragments of this as my questions began to be answered.

But the one question I kept asking was…

Where was this abducted girl now?

She had disappeared without a trace and the days had now turned into weeks.

Four weeks since she was gone.

And I had previously asked the question in a lucid dream but I did not get an answer.

Then suddenly one night… the answer came to me out of nowhere.

And the way it came to me was so random, but I knew that the answer to my question finally revealed itself because of this continual process that I applied towards my dream energy.

This process consisted of me meditating, and almost getting into a trance while listening to music before going to bed, and following other steps to get myself in a lucid dreaming state.

Once I was in lucidity, I already knew what question to ask.

And the answer shocked me.

The answer came to me in a dream...

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