Couples Magnetic Bracelets

(a strange little secret about magnetic bracelets)

Many spiritualists believe that magnetic bracelets have a mysterious vibrational sync energy to them.

It all begins with a spark of energy.

Think of a spark of energy as a moment where all the energy points in your body are in sync in order to create a vibrational energy flow that allows you to have a breakthrough and move beyond all the pent up, blocked energy.

Yet breaking through blocked energy within the body can be the most difficult thing ever because of...

Spinning in disbelief

It often begins with an external problem but our subconscious mind sneakily circulates this negative energy so we can mirror it within ourselves in order to continue to pollute our mind and body.

The spinning of our senses, energy, and blood flow, can often disorient us in a way that leads us to make even more bad decisions. 

Energy stagnation

This sneaky part of our subconscious will move from spinning in disbelief to having our energy drop so low that we get caught in a web of stagnation. 

It's amazing how our energy will transform itself from high peaks to lows in order to continue it's infectious energy blocks that prevent us from finding the right balance we need to be creative and productive. 

The downward spiral

The old saying that "when it rains it pours" is a perfect metaphor as to how our energy can also flow and spiral out of control. The first step in change is awareness, followed by taking and maintaining proactive action. 

A strange little secret about Magnetic Bracelets is that...

Whether it is a physical rush of good energy, or more of a mental spark that gets us moving and flowing with the right energy... the truth is that quite often not even science is able to explain human behavior, and what motivates someone to move forward. This is quite prevalent in moments of energy stagnation when we wish we knew how to be more productive and creative.

Seeking mental, physical, and spiritual balance is something we should always pursue. Ultimately it will be us who can truly judge what works for us and what doesn't.

Magnetic healing and energy work is something that science has always been at odds at proving it's capacity for results. On the other hand, in the universe of mysticism, magnetic healing has existed through the ages, and there has been so many amazing stories told and written about than people can discredit.

Why did Cleopatra believe in magnets?

Magnetic healing dates back thousands of years ago, and during the times of the Egyptians, Cleopatra was known to wear a magnetic stone on her forehead while she slept. She believed that magnets could preserve her youthful looks, due to the magnetic energy being placed near the brain’s pineal gland in order to release melatonin; a hormone that maintains the body’s circadian rhythm. Melatonin also emanates restful sleeping cycles, thus promoting “beauty rests.”

Besides beauty rests, Cleopatra believed that magnets helped her emanate good energy flow through her mind and body.

Many people have also stated that they have greatly benefited by wearing magnets that have helped them healed from arthritis, inflammation, back pain, insomnia, sclerosis, and even more serious diseases.

The constant wrestling between science and mysticism will continue for a long time, but ultimately the choice is yours - you can try out for yourself, and see if owning a magnetic bracelet will bring forth a vibrant state and energy flow within.

Why you should own a pair of Couples Magnetic Bracelets...

Couples magnetic bracelets signify vibrational synchronicity, balance, and duality.

They are lightweight and comfortable bracelets that have a good amount of magnetic energy engrained into its heart shaped design. 

The hearts portray love, devotion, and passion, and can serve as a gentle reminder of your own journey, with your spirit, you soulmate, or even your twin flame. 

Magnetic therapy works through a simple process by which specialized magnets can vibrate and further sync the body's energy points. When your energy points are in sync - it clears energy blocks, and further heals your body from illness. 

Attract True Passion

It all begins with allowing more paths of vibrant energy to radiate out.  

Make the connection

All it takes is a spark to sync your energy within yourself, and within your partner.

Create Magic

Every journey begins by taking the first step, and true magic begins with a single spark of energy. 

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"I looked all over for all kinds of magnetic bracelets and bangles and found this pair to be the best for the price, and I love the design. Very happy customer here. I am ordering a second pair."

Emily C.

"When I first of the couples magnetic bracelet I was skeptic at first but then thought, what do I have to lose? I ordered it, tried it on, and I've been feeling a lot better healthwise since then! It's not coming off any time soon!"

Luc Valdsiere

"I love the bracelet! Not sure if it's a coincidence or what but my stamina has gone way up, and I'm one happy camper. Thanks!"

Jerry-Jay A.

"Thank you for the beautiful set of couples magnetic bracelets. We really like them. "

N. Jimenez

"I've been looking to purchase the right magnetic jewelry piece. I've waited for these to arrive, and I am glad I did. It was a great purchase. Thank you. "

C. Lowell


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions not answered here.


Why are your prices so low compared to others?

While we strive for the best quality in jewelry, and the best customer service, we also strive for the best price, and we are able order directly from the designer/manufacturer, therefore cutting out the middle man. We pass the savings along to our customers. 

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is pretty simple... if you are not 100% happy with your items - simply return them within 30 days. 

Does magnetic therapy really work? 

Although it it not "guaranteed" to work for everyone, there have been many many cases of people finding healing from illness, and invigorating their energy to new levels. Why not simply give it a try for yourself? And yes, results will vary.

 Are there any risks associated with wearing a magnetic bracelet?

Although I can't speak for all magnetic bracelets, rest assured that our magnetic bracelets are of the highest quality and do not carry any risk to your health. Furthermore the World Health Organization has concluded that static magnetic fields do not bring any risks or complications. None have been reported, therefore we recommend it's use. 

Why is this material better than others? 

The magnets are of the best top quality on earth, and have been tested for quality control, and to assure you get the best magnetic combination on the market. 

Stainless steel is a lot easier to clean, and it won't oxidize, tarnish, and turn black with age. And it's better than copper because there is a much greater chance to be allergy prone with copper. 

How long will it take for my product to arrive?  

We ship first class from San Francisco, so it usually takes about a week to receive your order within the U.S. and a bit longer (2 weeks) for overseas orders. We will email you a tracking number, and if your package does not arrive within a reasonable amount of time please feel free to contact us. 

Where can I get the best price?

We are only currently selling this item from our own online store. We might sell it on other stores soon but it will be for a much higher price. To go to our online store, click here:

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Disclaimer: We do not make any medical claims, nor are we medical specialists. Our magnetic jewelry is not intended to replace any medical procedure, medicine, nor do we make any such claims or promises that it will deliver any cure. Furthermore, magnetic jewelry is not recommended for pregnant women, or anyone with any sort of pacemaker, insulin pump, or any implanted medical device. Also, please be aware that you should not press any type of magnets into any magnetic items such as credit cards, or hard drives. Please consult with a professional if you need medical advice. There is no scientific proof that magnetic jewelry heals or cures any sort of illness or relieves pain. We sell our jewelry on the basis that it is intended to be for self expression. Please do your due diligence when purchasing products online.


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