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Nadia Arain started drawing zodiac signs by the age of two, and by the age of seven she could see, hear, and speak with spirits. 
She has followed the path of true Twin Flame divinity by helping countless others, and has become a sough after spiritual guide and psychic.
She has the keen ability to offer divine clarity and ascension to those who seek it.

Sometimes it is the questions with unknown answers that haunts us...

How do I know if this is the person who I was meant to be with? 
Will the person I love be there for me tomorrow after I've given so much... or will that person just run away?
Should I move on in my life... or keep fighting?

You will find the answers. You will find ascension.

"My life changed when I first discovered that connecting with my twin flame was possible through duality."

With Twin Flame Duality you will: 

♥ Discover if someone is a true twin flame or a fake twin! 

♥How to have a twin flame runner turn into the chaser.  

 Clear your energy blocks and connect with your twin flame. 

♥ Discover why the energy of Duality is the true pathway into oneness with your twin, and how to activate it. 

 Journey beyond attraction and manifestation, and into ascension and transformation!

After Giving Hundreds Of Consultations On The Topic Of Twin Flames and Soul Mates, Nadia Now Presents You Her Best Insights And Guidance:


Twin Flame Duality 


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This audio series is compacted into 4 hours of the best insights, as Nadia guides you through the hidden world of the Twin Flame relationship journey. 
If you are not completely happy and satisfied -  we will give you a full refund within 60 days. 

You will also get these bonuses worth over $899!

Special Bonus: Twin Flame Duality Consultation

This have become a very popular bonus with so many - You will ALSO get a bonus consultation. Privately share your story via email. Accumulative the consultation is about 2 hours of analysis, insights, and feedback with Christian Cee.

This consultation is a mixture of clairvoyant energy, clarity, clearing energy blocks, and insights into ascension. 

Just added: Energy of Duality ebook

We are finishing up our brand new ebook that gives you a unique perspective into the energy of duality, and compliments this program. Lot's of useful techniques that you can easily apply. It will be available within two weeks - and you will get it at no extra cost! 


Winning Ways: A success system

Watching these short videos for only about 5 minutes each month will give you the powerful motivational energy to move forward. These are the 12 unique traits of those who have found success in their journey.

The incredible power of habit 

This program includes a easy to follow guide and workbook that will help you gain clarity into developing the right habits. It is essential that you have these habits in order to align with your journey and overall goals. 

Kiss your comfort zone goodbye

Become a fearless action taker, start attacking your goals and dreams! This short powerful guide and audio zooms into the most essential parts of going beyond your daily routine and bringing about true change! Keep this little guide handy and you will see amazing results. 


Your inner greatness

A guide that really makes you think and be inspired from certain key points of personal growth.  

This guide echoes the best advice of some of the top motivational coaches today.

This 91 page guide is complimented by a check list to allow you to unleash your inner greatness



"I was able to learn how to move beyond my current situation and connect with my twin flame like never before!"

Lauren M.

"Twin flame duality has helped me immensely in knowing what steps to take in breaking through my energy barriers. It's easy to understand and it has helped so much!"

Heather L.

"I have been reading with Nadia for a couple of months now. Her accuracy blows me away and I absolutely love her guide, Belvia. Nadia has the ability to give you the news you need to hear, but in a way that does not make you feel hopeless..." "...Nadia doesnโ€™t tell you what you want to hear, but she does offer guidance which is why I keep coming back to her. She is wonderful and I truly consider her a mentor as well as a friend."

Alexandra Gialanze

"Through out the years I have written hundreds of articles on twin flames. Nadia has been a pillar to my journey. She is my one go to person for advice. She is a rising star that genuinely cares about people, and has been spot on with her divine readings and sage advice. She tells you the truth, but with encouraging energy. I highly recommend this program, which I am also honored to be a part of. "

Christian Cee
Creator of 7th Spring


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions not answered here.

 What areas does this program cover?

Besides having a good basic introduction into the world of twin flames, it also covers the unique advanced process of twin flame duality. This goes beyond universal attraction, soulmates, and clairvoyant energy.

Twin Flame Duality reveals a unique and magnetic energy process not found anywhere else on the internet. 

Can this program help me connect with my twin flame? 

Yes. Besides being an inspirational, wellness program, it also gives you key actionable steps to take.

Is this program specifically for those that want to connect with their twin flame? 

Yes, but it also touches on a broader perspective of soulmates, romantic relationships, spirituality and how to use your inner energy to easily have healthy, balanced, interactions. 

What if I am already in a happy relationship with my twin flame? 

That's great because this program reveals the twin flame journey, and you can easily reflect on key areas that are working for you, and other challenging areas that you might also face in your journey. 

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is simple... if you are not 100% satisfied with this program we will give you a full refund within 60 days.  

For how long will I have access to the program? 

You can access this program anywhere - anytime. All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer. It's yours to keep!

What if I have further questions or comments?

Feel free to reach us by email:

 [email protected]


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If you are not completely happy and satisfied -  we will give you a full refund within 60 days. 


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