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  How to tap into your dream energy and develop your super power.

A step by step process to unleash your creativity in life through dream energy. 

Go beyond nightly dreaming and tap into the world of lucid dreaming. 

Dream Energy

Lucid Dreaming


Unleash your Power!

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Juan C.

A breath of fresh air, if you so dare to dream this big and make your dreams real with dream energy. I will blog about this soon. It works!

Karl S.

I learned about this program through a lucid dreaming forum and I was hesitant but I'm so glad I got the program. Thank you for sharing such a fantastic voyage.

Carolyn W.

Going through this program after watching the Matrix 4 movie - it all really inspired me to activate my dream energy and ascend towards my transformation. This program is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Truly inspiring and I highly recommend it. 

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Message from Christian Cee:


We are living in a new complex world when solutions will be not found on the same energy level by which the problem was created BUT...


You have a choice… you either stay where you are or... 


You can design your dreams!


You can design and ascend with your dream energy. There is a whole new world for you to explore. So I hope you join me in this amazing adventure.


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